My favourite cup of the day

Working in a town like London you get the opportunity to try out an enormous number of different coffee shops. Obviously there are the global brands but there are also some wonderful small shops that seem to be springing up everywhere. UK cafe culture is going from strength to strength and is now estimated to be worth over 5.8 billion pounds.

There are now almost 16,000 coffee shops in the UK including the branded chains, those lovely independent coffee houses and the non specialist vendors and they are growing at a rate that vastly outstrips the rest of the UK economy.

In a reasonable recent survey of 25,000 consumers, 1 in 5 said they visited a coffee shop daily and on average they drank 3 cups of coffee per week in a coffee shop. And why not, there is something wonderful about leaving the office and taking your laptop to the local cafe, people watching.

Sometimes I find that I am the only person in the cafe and strike up a conversation with the baristas. By the time I’m finished we are on first name terms and I know that next time I visit they will already know what I’m going to order. The old saying from the TV program “Cheers” still holds true, “where everybody knows your name”.

Thats where I love to be, laptop in hand, free wireless and a piping hot Americano.


The Top 5 Coffee Machines Available

Coffee BeansA coffee maker allows people to prepare the finest cups of coffee without any complications. Citizens of developed countries do not necessarily make coffee for themselves since they have coffee machines. It has made life easy and convenient in the fast developing nations where people work for over 15 hours a day.

Modern coffee machines have added accessories and features to accommodate coffee beans and crisps. The following are the top 5 coffee machines available for UK consumers. Continue reading

A Guide On How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of CoffeeCoffee, a natural alarm clock for some, insomnia cause for many. Though many people drink coffee for different purposes, all of it is related to the effects of caffeine content in it. Whether you need a shock to wake you up from your early morning slumber or whenever you need to stay focused on those late nights, caffeine is the thing, which one could and should always depend on. This black liquid has been around for ages making even the most bleary eyed people up and running for the next few hours. The question of how to make the perfect cup of coffee is not just all about keeping boiling water and coffee powder in a pot. There’s a lot more to brewing coffee and that’s something we are going to discuss about today. So lets get on and find out how to make the perfect cup of coffee that will rejuvenate and re-energize you. Continue reading