What is Limescale Build Up?

Limescale A Household Problem?

durgol1For many households, the task of keeping your home clean and tidy is just a minor part of your busy cleaning schedule. The last thing you would need is either one of your most used kitchen appliances playing up or under performing, or your central heating system breaking. The main culprit for such misfortune could be down to the build up of limescale within your central heating systems pipes or kitchen appliances. It is a problem which many homes within the UK are having to deal with, and it is something which can be prevented. This article take a look at what is limscale build up, and how to treat it.

Limescale Build Up Explained…

People who stay in hard water areas must be very familiar with the term limescale. The word limescale may not sit well with everyone – in fact, the terms associated with it such as descaling; scum and furring are quite disgusting to the ears of many people. Limescale is a big issue that people have been battling with from time immemorial. They have spent a great deal of their time dealing with this revolting powdery white deposits on kettles, boilers, taps etc. But the main question remains – what is limescale build up? Continue reading