Quick tips on Limescale removal in the Bathroom

Limescale is a mineral deposit that builds up on sinks, faucets, shower heads, shower doors, toilets and tubs. It is a nuisance, but you can easily carry out Limescale removal and avoid further build up by purchasing an effective Limescale reomver, or by following these simple and easy steps. You will need a rubber gloves, heavy duty cleaner, washing detergent, sponge/scrubber, paper towel, white vinegar, bucket, borax, toilet brush, and a spray bottle.

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How to Remove Limescale from Sinks, Taps and Plug Holes

Limescale Problems – Sinks, Taps & Plug Holes

Removing limescale from areas such as sinks, taps and plug holes needn’t be a difficult task. There are a number of ways in which you can remove limescale quickly using everyday items in and around your home. In this video, you will be shown how to remove limescale from the sink areas in your bathroom, including the taps and plug holes using some simple tools…

Limescale Problems and Quick Solutions to These Problems

Causes of Limescale Problems

Heating systems such as hot-water boilers and kettles always develop a hard and chalky deposit on their heating surfaces. This deposit is referred to as Limescale, and is formed by calcium carbonate present in the water. The amount of deposition is normally directly proportional to the concentration of the calcium carbonate.

The direct effects of Limescale problems include; damage to the system’s components and general reduction in operation levels. Heating systems should therefore be well maintained to prevent this deposition. You can find further information at the Water Guide website

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The Effects of Limescale on Health

Effects of Limescale on Health - Tap Water

In the UK, about 60% of the country is affected by hard water. According to Eco Water, ‘Hard water is caused by rain water picking up hard minerals as it percolates through rocks such as chalk and limestone.’ The UK maintains strict quality regulations to ensure safe water for human consumption, however the quality will depend on the region you live in. The hard water postcode check helps identify the type of water in a particular area. Continue reading

Easy Ways To Remove Limescale Faster

Limescale is a problem faced by every household. Hard water which is heated past 55 degree Celsius and left to stand forms into solids when the moisture evaporates and these solids is what makes up limescale. They cause a serious problem to our general appliances, pipe lines, boilers, taps and shower heads. The visible effects are nothing compared to the ones that can’t be seen. Limescale stays trapped in most of our heating systems and appliances making it difficult to maintain and operate. Continue reading

My favourite cup of the day

Working in a town like London you get the opportunity to try out an enormous number of different coffee shops. Obviously there are the global brands but there are also some wonderful small shops that seem to be springing up everywhere. UK cafe culture is going from strength to strength and is now estimated to be worth over 5.8 billion pounds.

There are now almost 16,000 coffee shops in the UK including the branded chains, those lovely independent coffee houses and the non specialist vendors and they are growing at a rate that vastly outstrips the rest of the UK economy.

In a reasonable recent survey of 25,000 consumers, 1 in 5 said they visited a coffee shop daily and on average they drank 3 cups of coffee per week in a coffee shop. And why not, there is something wonderful about leaving the office and taking your laptop to the local cafe, people watching.

Sometimes I find that I am the only person in the cafe and strike up a conversation with the baristas. By the time I’m finished we are on first name terms and I know that next time I visit they will already know what I’m going to order. The old saying from the TV program “Cheers” still holds true, “where everybody knows your name”.

Thats where I love to be, laptop in hand, free wireless and a piping hot Americano.

Review: Workhouse Coffee Company

If you are ever in Reading this looks just the place to stop over for a soothing cup of coffee and place to rest your legs

Workhouse Coffee – the perfect Artisan coffee shop in Reading  – My quick fire description – unpretentious, rustic, down-to-earth, welcoming, delicious.  Want to know more? Then carry on reading…

Tucked away in a little cobbled courtyard, Workhouse Coffee Co. feels like somewhere where you just know you will enjoy real coffee.  Through the week they have a steady pace of customers, the usual lunch time rush and on a weekend it has a fabulous busy welcoming atmosphere.  The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and they have an enticing display of freshly baked cakes, pastries, ciabatta’s and pasties – the Moroccan lamb pasty being my particular favourite.


The café itself has a rustic feel to it, wooden benches, little window seats,  a breakfast bar where if you are lucky enough to get a seat you can watch all the action – coffee making is literally an art form! The barista’s…

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